The War and Other Pieces

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What if the war between the sexes were a REAL WAR?

“Like the rest, I had heard so many things about the war that I did not know what to believe.  All I knew for sure was that we would see, and fight, others not like us—others who did not feel love or mercy as we did, others who would kill us as soon as look at us.”

Private Charles Montgomery has been told many things about his enemy.  He has killed many of them. But he is about to see one up close for the first time, and what he sees may surprise him.

During the fall of 2017, I wrote several sci-fi/horror dystopian stories.  The first one, The War, I released on its own.  After I wrote more, I released these new stories as a collection, The War and Other Pieces, including “The Attack”, “Perma-Rest”, “Education”, and “Separation”, as well as the nonfiction pieces “Homework” and “Punishment”: