The War

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What if the war between the sexes were a REAL WAR?

“Like the rest, I had heard so many things about the war that I did not know what to believe.  All I knew for sure was that we would see, and fight, others not like us—others who did not feel love or mercy as we did, others who would kill us as soon as look at us.”

Since my teenaged years in the ‘Eighties, I have seen my work as, among other things, a tool to fight injustice and otherwise treat social issues. Though I have long considered sexism the World’s biggest problem, I have only recently moved beyond positive depictions of both sexes to address sexism directly with my work.  This is my first work dealing with such matters.  It feels good—liberating—to tackle the biggest problem, but it took me a long time to reach this point. One wishes to be ready for fights.

This is a novelette I wrote from September 16 through 28, 2017.  Too long to include in Mister Positive and Other Stories, I released The War on its own.