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On this page you will find links to audio interviews and transcripts of same.

Robert’s July 3, 2013, KBOO interview with Lisa Loving regarding Ayn Rand and Sisyphus Shrugged may be heard in its entirety here.

“Wednesday Talk Radio on KBOO this morning had about thirty percent more callers than usual, all wanting to talk about Ayn Rand and Robert Peate’s new novel taking off from her book Atlas Shrugged.  Wild!”

—Lisa Loving, KBOO-FM

A short video of Robert discussing Money’s Men with Dan Marshall:

Robert’s December 14, 2017, BlogTalkRadio interview with Andrew Turman regarding Jay Sizemore and Sisyphus Shrugged may be heard here.

The transcript of Part One, on Jay Sizemore, may be read here.

The transcript of Part Two, on Ayn Rand and Sisyphus Shrugged, may be read here.

“Great job.”—Andrew Turman